Applying Christian Ethics to My Career in Human Resource Dissertation Example

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Applying Christian Ethics to My Career in Human Resource By A Research Paper in Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of HM 2410 Introduction to Ethics February, 2018 Applying Christian Ethics to My Career in Human Resource There are so many diffident ways we could look at Christian Ethics in Human Resource. You can look at what they do, like recruitment, screening, training, and appraising of the human resources organization. And know if they don't have some Christian ethics in their workplace. In my opinion, they need to make some changes. Most Companies don't allow religion in their businesses. Let me rephrase that, my bosses don't allow religion in the workplace. She gets very uncomfortable when I’m praying or if I say how God has been good to me. As a human resource person, you need to have the respect from the people that work under or for you. In this position you need to be responsible requires consciousness, opening to the reflection on themselves, on their own values and the consequences of our work. Even in the organizations, it is only closely at an individual level; the ability do not take for granted, to question themselves and to compare the possible lines of action, choices, and solutions. A dimension that is not taken for granted, especially in our society of abundance, flooded and bombarded by the mass-medias where (nearly) everything lasts a press-campaign and where the consumption and the multiplication without any pause, of the objects and the assets, the services and wishes, is "the moral" of our world. Christian ethics is a significant portion of any manager's job or business owner. The human resources handle a variety of moral challenges as it is the section that transacts directly with persons employed by a company. The human resource comprises many ethical drawbacks that could damage the financial sustainability or reputation of a company. Comprehending the significance of morals in the humanoid resources is essenti...
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