Barriers to Health Care Access for Clients for Various Cultures Dissertation Example

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Barriers to Health Care Access for Clients for Various Cultures Name Institution Barriers to Health Care Access for Clients for Various Cultures Wiley 2016'ould work. two parties to learn between the medical practioners and ositive progress. However, there are other factorAccess to medical services has seen vast improvements in recent years due to more financial support. However, other factors still hinder health care access, among them being the cultural differences. Medical practitioners are required to deliver their services without any cultural or racial discrimination (Parthab et al., 2013). In as much as physicians try to follow this rule, clients sometimes end up receiving a different message altogether because of cultural misunderstanding. So what are some of these cultural barriers? The medical delivery system of a given region is closely related to the culture and traditions of the native inhabitants of that area. Therefore, the expectations that come with the developed policies may not please foreign clients. For instance, American healthcare providers assume that on arrival to the hospital, the patient will already be aware of the type of illness and the expected course of treatment (Wiley 2016). This kind of expectations may prevent effective service delivery. The reputation of a given medical institution plays a significant role in the client's decision-making process. If a medical institution, or a related community, has a bad history, the level of trust from the patients will be significantly low. Every cultural community has a common language that brings all the members together. When the doctor and the client do not share the same cultural believes; some actions by one of them may end up offending the other. For instance, some communities prefer that one should be called by his or her last name. Failure to respect this rule is deemed disrespectful. Similar cultural misunderstandings ruin the doctor-patient relationship hence affe...
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