Relationship Between High School Preparatory Programs and College Freshmen Retention Dissertation Example

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The Relationship Between High School Preparatory Programs and College Freshmen Retention NameDate Institution AffiliationRETENTION RATES FOR COLLEGE FRESHMEN College retention and attrition rates in the country have been escalating with time thus drawing the attention of various key stakeholders in education (Ho & Krishna, 2016). Given a staggering 19.5% of students who are admitted for college studies do not make it to the graduation level results to a lot of complication to both the individual and the people surrounding the person including the government (Ho & Krishna, 2016). Most of the college dropout tend to struggle more in this ever dynamic and competitive world (Ho & Krishna, 2016). The struggles vary from financial hardships to decision making among others (Ho & Krishna, 2016). Their problem always seems to escalate in the light of new responsibilities as they befall them with time(Cabrera, 2014). However, on the other hand, their situation may seem indifferent from the college graduates who are having financial difficulties in repaying the college loan (Cabrera, 2014). Contrary to the misconception, college graduates have higher chances of success compared to those who dropped out(Cabrera, 2014). College dropout is not only a menace to the individuals who drop out, but it also affects the society as a whole(Cabrera, 2014). Most of the drop out endure a hard time in being absorbed into the job market as it is evident with most of them looking for informal jobs due to lack of papers/qualifications (Cabrera, 2014). With increased frustration, a considerable number end up engaging in illegal activities such as being criminals to cater for their daily living (Dyce, Albold & Long, 2013). It is not strange to find out a majority of inmates are college dropouts who engaged in criminal activities (Dyce, Albold & Long, 2013). Economic development of any nation is largely depended on the availability of skilled workforce(Crisp & Delg...
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