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UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE SCHOOL OF MEDICAL AND LIFE SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES A review and analysis of the Action Plan Mitigation option Issue Addressed Positive effects and impacts Negative impacts Environmental impacts Economic impacts Social impacts Resitting of slurry store Direct CO2 emissions from machinery use. Enables one to get rid of the lethal gases (Carbon dioxide and Hydrogen sulfide) that are hazardous It is labor intensive and requires extra input for operating the machine to re sitting the Slurry store Resitting the slurry store helps to achieve mixing in the tank. The mixing ensures uniform decomposition in the digester. Resitting of slurry store enables the mixing which in turn makes it possible to remove the already used waste in the tank to make room for feeding the tank with new waste. It makes it possible for removal of already decomposed waste that can get applied on the farm as manure. Cover slurry store CH4 &N2O emissions from stored slurries. It helps to prevent the loss of CH4 and NO2 gases that are beneficial use. It also helps to keep rain/water out therefore ensuring optimum production of CH4 and N2O. It is expensive to purchase the material for covering the slurry store It prevents the emission of harmful gases like CO2 and H2S that are harmful to human health when inhaled. It helps to build up CH4 and N2O to levels that can be harnessed and used. It improves the lifestyle of humans. The CH4 is used for cooking, heating and industrial processes like the manufacture of Ammonia and formaldehyde. Consider the use of anaerobic digestion (AD) for slurries CH4 &N2O emissions from stored slurries. N2O emissions from spread slurry Promotes the emission of CH4 and N20 in large quantities Results in accumulation of heavy contaminants at the bottom. It also allows a narrow range of temperature control. Helps in the creation of renewable energy (CH4) to replace fossil energy. It leads...
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