Work Breakdown Structure for a Quality Management Program Dissertation Example

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Work Breakdown Structure for a Quality Management Program Project Name: Institution: Work Breakdown Structure for a Quality Management Program Introduction Project managers admit that working with a Work Break Down structure helps enhance the process of project management. A project’s work breakdown structure (WBS) defines the scope of the project. According to Larsen and Gray (2013), a WBS is an outline of whose purpose is to make sure that all tasks are identified, and that participants have an understanding of what is to be done. The WBS is a vehicle through which a project is broken down into sub-projects, tasks, subtasks, and work packages. As He (2014) contends, the importance of a WBS lies in its ability to link objectives with specific activities and resources using a logical framework. He asserts that the WBS is an essential status monitor during project implementation process when an assessment of project objectives against subtasks completions are measured Defining the Project Scope The first step in creating a WBS is defining the project scope. Methodology and life cycle may vary from company to company. However, the most critical success factor of any project is comprehensive scope management (Beistro, Pinto & Novaski, 2015). Project scope management entails formulation of the processes, policies, methodology, and life cycle of the project to ensure that the client’s expectations inform the project implementation process (Miller, 2009). According to Larsen and Gray (2013), the project scope is a description of the result of a project in specific, tangible, and measurable terms. The project scope defines in a precise manner the deliverables for the end user and as such, guides and directs the execution process. A poorly defined project scope becomes a huge barrier to project success. There are critical elements that must be factored in when determining the scope of a project in order to ensure that scope creeps do not occur. Moira (201...
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